Micro preemie, newborn twin session. Identical twin girls on gray backdrop in gray and white outfits.
I have said this before, but babies born prematurely have a special place in my heart.  Just 6 years ago, I became a preemie mama, and acutely aware of the battle that babies born early face.  It is because of the journey that my son and I faced that prematurity awareness has become an important piece of my life, my family has been volunteering and fundraising with the March of Dimes for 6 years now.  Every baby deserves a healthy start and playing a part in the research that powers that effort is important.

This blog post is not about me though, I recently had the privilege of photographing my friends identical twin girls.  They were 104 days old when they came to visit.  Born at 25 weeks gestation, these micro preemies were 5 days adjusted when they came to see me for their posed photos.  (If you aren’t versed in premature baby lingo, that means they would have been 5 days old, had they been born at full term.)  Baby A & Baby I are champs in so many ways, but they rocked their newborn session more than any of “my” term babies have.  I cannot wait to watch these two grow up together, and with their big sisters.
Micro preemie, newborn twin session. Identical twin girls wrapped in mint and white on white backdrop with mint and pink headbands.
When these ladies came to visit me, they were both still on monitors, which can be common for preemies born as early as they were.  For their safety, their monitors stayed on for their entire session.  These final images have all been edited to remove their monitor wires.  Safety is always my number one priority when it comes to posing babies.

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