Kamran Turns 2 | Northern, VA Family Photographer

My very own little guy turned 2 last week. Thankfully Mother Nature gave us a tiny break with weather decent enough for park photos yesterday!

Kamran has never been the kid who smiles for photos.  Compound that with the fact that as a toddler he is apt to run away from me laughing which makes smiling photos very difficult.  Since he is my kid, I do know what makes him smile and that usually I can sing a song for a giggle or grin.  Not yesterday!  I am still happy with the photos I got though.  Sometimes the running away image is sweet…or running toward dad.  Even  better, the little smirk some kids give just before they do something they think is silly or perhaps even a little bad.

I so love my little dude and am so proud of all that he has overcome in just 2 short years.  I can’t wait to learn who he will become.

If you like what you see, this is also the location where my upcoming mini sessions will be held!


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