Free Download: Valentine’s Day Coloring Card

Enjoy a free Valentine’s Day coloring card from Jamie Romaezi Photography!

Last year I designed custom cards for my son to share with his friends for Valentine’s Day.  He wanted his friends to be able to color their cards in themselves.  It was quite the hit and easy to do from home so I thought I would share this idea and FREE DOWNLOAD for a printable coloring card with you!

You will need:
– Letter sized (8.5 x 11 in) card stock.
– The ability to print from your computer, tablet or phone.

Download your cards:
– Click the “Free Download” link below.
– Right click on the image and select “Save As”
Free Download

 Printing and assembling your cards:
 – Simply load your printer with your paper of choice and click print.
– Remember to print enough for your child’s whole class!
– Cut cards along the dotted line.
– Assign your child the task of writing their classmate’s names on all of the cards (They can cut them out, too.)

To dress things up:
– Consider purchasing a pack of crayons and taping them to the back of the card with scotch or (bonus points) colorful washi tape.
– Last year my son was into melting and molding crayons, so that’s what we did!  It was a fun activity!

Feel free to share the link to this template with your family and friends!

Download Your Free Valentine’s Day Coloring Cards Here!

Jamie Romaezi Photography-FV5A9999

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