I met Abigail and her parents when she was 11 days old.  Now she is ONE!  Happy birthday sweet girl.  Abby has been such a joy to get to know this year.  I have photographed her and her family four times this year and she’s such a smiley girl every single time.
For her session, her parents wanted to plan something with balloons, and a then and now image.  Mom shared that she had fun on etsy and got her a cute little “wild one” onsie that she wanted to include in her session.  Her parents also wanted to turn this session into a family photo session with patriotic colors.
I have to tell you a story about this balloon.  I enlisted my husband to run to the store for me to have it filled.  When I purchased it online, I knew it said 36 inches but completely failed to inform my husband of this fact and just handed over the balloon with no label.  The poor guy came home and said….”I had to tell them to stop filling it up so it would fit through the car door!  Did you know you gave me a THREE FOOT balloon?!”  Surprise, honey!  This was so much fun to incorporate into Abby’s session.
When mom asked for then and now photos, I got so excited.  Abby was one of the first babies to be photographed in this cute tiny sofa and I couldn’t think of a better way to use it for her 1 year portraits.  I have Abby’s newborn image sitting here in the studio so it was quite simple to just grab the frame the day of her session. (Pro tip for baby’s safety, remove the glass before taking this type of photo with a baby.)
Take a look at Abby’s photos!

First Birthday Family Photo session, then and now, oversized balloon.
First Birthday Family Photo session, then and now, oversized balloon.

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