As a small business owner in Loudoun County, I completely understand that building your own brand can be tough. Sometimes being the face behind the business means we have to put ourselves our there in an uncomfortable way and actually put our face out there.  There are so many ways to go about creating your content and I would love to help you build your brand with headshots, whether it be a simple headshot for yourself, a headshot session update for your entire team, or content creation for your brand, all options will help you level up your website, and social media branding.

I offer headshot sessions in a few different ways, all tailored for you to select exactly what you need.
Headshot Mini Session

The first option is a quick hitting, simple 20 minute mini session.  In just 20 minutes, you come away with 2 digital images that can satiate the need for a quick few photo updates that will last you the year.   These are great for folks who need a photo for a bio page on their website, an occasional “Friday Introduction” on social media, or a fresh LinkedIn photo to go along with your resumé.

Branding Session

Next, to take it up a notch and really ensure you get a solid head start on content creation that will last, Branding Sessions not only fill your headshot needs, but also check an item off of your to do list.  These sessions are designed to make sure your headshots are covered in a way that gives you variety, and also focus in on the detail involved in your craft. Working hands, product inclusive, and photographed to help you stand out

Team Headshots

Finally, staff photos with an about me page really gives your client base a first-look opportunity at getting to know your staff.  Headshot sessions for your entire team will give your website a professional look, with consistent background and lighting, and also carry the added bonus of providing your team members with a photo they feel good about.

Headshots can be fun! So let’s work together to building your brand with headshots!

To request session details, simply use my contact button above.

We recently had an unseasonably warm February day, and I my friends and I, being photographers, took the opportunity to update our own headshots together.  We always have fun when we get together and this day was no different.  Even if, I don’t love being on the “wrong side of the lens.”  I’m so thrilled to have these professional photos to share.  I used one on my social media the day I received it!

Here are a few of the headshots I took of Blaire and Justine!

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