Donohue Family Cherry Blossom Photos |Sterling, VA Family Photographer

Cherry blossoms are always a beautiful backdrop for photos and this spring did not disappoint. The Washington, D.C. area is known for the Cherry Blossoms and I’m lucky enough to have so many Cherry Blossom trees locally in Sterling, VA. Late April and early May is such a great time of the year in our area, with great weather and blossoming trees.

The Donohue family, with two sisters had such a great time playing together on the beautiful spring day. In their pink and purple dresses, the sisters played “Ring Around the Rosie” and Charlotte, the 2 year old, gave me a run for my money, so sweet and full of energy!

Black and white photos of little girl sitting in the in the grass with cherry blossoms in the background

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Max is One! | Northern VA Baby Photographer

There certainly are perks to having a spring birthday, one of which is the ability to take first birthday photos outside!  Max brought his family along for photos, which means I got to see all of them twice this year!  Can you believe I’ve photographed this crew since big sister was born?

Ellis is ONE! | Sterling, VA Baby Photographer

Happy happy birthday to this sweet little guy!  He came to visit me for his first birthday milestone updates.  He is crawling, pulling to standing, and willing to push chairs around.  He gave me a few smiles that he and his mama had to work for.  He absolutely loved that he had balloons at his session, was intrigued by his cupcake, made a really nice mess, and most of all, really loved his splash time at the end of the session.

One year old with balloons

Jamie Romaezi Photography-Jamie Romaezi Photography-FV5A0324-1

It Snowed in March, look at What we did.

2018 marks the coldest start to spring I can remember.  After barely snowy, but still wet winter, it snowed on the second day of spring.  I’m not usually one to rush out into the snow–but if I can take photos, that changes my perspective about the cold stuff.

With the snow prediction looming the day before, there was time to arrange a quick maternity photo session for our snow day.  It was cold, of course–but worth it!

[Evie] 14 Days New | Sterling, VA Newborn Photographer

It was so great to meet this little darling and see her big brother.  He was so proud of her and when she fell asleep, swaddled and snuggly, he declared she was “happy.”  Brother knows best!  Evie was such a little snuggle bug and I’ll agree, she seemed quite happy.

We tried out a new family setup for the family portion of their session and I just LOVE it!  It was so perfect for wiggly 2 year old bro.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in the Northern Virginia area, I would love to work with you.  Posed newborn photos are taken at my in-home studio in Sterling, VA when your baby is between 6-14 days old.  It is important to book your newborn session no later than the beginning of your third trimester.   Please contact me for specific availability and a free consultation.

First Birthday Photos, Korean Dol | Northern VA Photographer

Logan visited with his parents for some first birthday photos recently.  I love when I get to see my newborns for milestone updates and just how they’ve grown into their personalities.  This little man is a busy little bee!  We pulled out ALL of the tricks for his very serious faces. His mama brought along his Hanbok from his first birthday party, or his Dol. and I am so thrilled we were able to document this sweet tradition for them.

Newborn versus 1 Year


If you are looking for a baby photographer in the Northern Virginia area, I would love to work with you.  Milestone photos are taken throughout baby’s first year at my in-home studio in Sterling, VA when your baby is showing good head control, sitting, standing or, celebrating their first birthday.  Discounted baby plans are also available.  It is important to book your milestone session 4-6 weeks in advance.  Please contact me for specific availability.

Max, An Adoption Story |Northern VA Newborn Photographer

Meet Maximino!  He was the sweetest little guy and came to visit me when he was 18 days old.  I met Max’s parents a few years ago through mutual friends and through those friends, I learned that they had begun the wonderful and wait filled process of adoption.

I was so thrilled when Max’s parents reached out to me for photos.  His mom sent me a message when Max was 13 days old.  She shared, that after years of trying to become parents, they finally adopted their little boy.  We, of course, found time to get them in as soon as possible!

How perfect is this little guy?  He is so huggable and I didn’t want to let him leave the studio!

If you have adopted a baby, or are in the process of adoption, I would love to photograph your newest family member for you!  Virginia adoptions are not finalized until baby is 10 days old.  Please don’t worry about timelines and email me!  I will do whatever I can to make sure your sweet little one has newborn photos.