I am here to tell you a tale of a photographer who is an inconsistent blogger.  Every time she begins a blog post, she feels the need to tell her readers how bad she is about keeping up with her web content, and how she really should work to be better about it.  Readers likely do not mind, or even notice until she points it out.  However, her website SEO (search engine optimization) is reliant on her feeding the google algorithm with fresh content, just so the Internet knows she is still here.

That photographer, my dear readers, is me. Today I finished editing some very sweet portraits taken in my studio for two friends very dear to me.  Their baby is NINE whole entire months old. I have taken several portraits for her parents of her life thus far, maternity, fresh 48, newborn, her sitter milestone, and grandparent photos.  We have taken photos together for nearly a year.  Yet, not a single photo has been published on my website. I promise to share their latest and incredibly adorable most recent session with you.  But first, let’s start from the beginning and call this a series, shall we?!

N Family Maternity Photos, Fairfax, VA

Every single thing about photographing this baby bump just lined up so perfectly. This particular park is absolutely beautiful and the way the fall golden hour light just lines up is absolutely amazing.  There are so many backdrops to choose from and that is one of the reasons I really love it as a spot for outdoor portraits in the Northern Virginia area.  In addition to the light, we had wonderful weather that day with no worries of rain or clouds.  Also, let’s talk about mama’s styling.  I just loved this cute tailored maternity outfit.  The cape was a wonderful and unique touch, and really brought her own unique and fun style for maternity photos.

We hope you enjoy these outdoor fall maternity moments as much as we enjoyed capturing them. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our photography services, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create beautiful and cherished memories with your growing family.


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