I got to see sweet little Finlay again!  Do you remember this little lady?  I met her when she was in her mommy’s tummy and again as a newborn.  I remembered that Finlay gave me a run for my money during her newborn session so I arrived hoping that was just her initiation.  It TOTALLY was.  Finlay was a breeze and so happy!  She didn’t want to smile at the funny black box in front of my face which makes total sense but her daddy…he is the funniest…like ever.

Get this.  Finlay is 6 months old and also *fell asleep* during her session–I’m that boring folks.  Before mom could say “oh no!” I got all giddy and asked mom if she had an ottoman or something.  I scoured the house, found one and totally rigged a posing setup and posed this little girl.  This NEVER happens during a 6 month session but I think this was Finlay’s way of saying “I’m sorry I didn’t want you to pose me when I was a few days old!”  I simply adore this photo and am thrilled with all of the comparison photos we took during this session.

Big brother even jumped in for photos and I just love the way these two interact.  We spent a bit of time trying to get the babes to smile for the camera together and when we sort of resigned to serious faces they both looked at one another with the best sibling connection and THAT became my favorite sibling photo I’ve ever taken.

Please, take a look at these sneak peeks.  You will see what I’m writing about.

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