Just a short while after we got Finlay’s session under way, her mommy informed me that her name means Fair haired warrior.  Holy moly is her sweet little name fitting!  This little fire cracker fought every single wink of sleep.  When she finally could not fight it any more, she absolutely did not want to be touched!  I pulled out every little trick I had, mommy too.  Little Fi Fi was totally cool with wrap changes and headbands, so we stuck with that.  When we checked to see if she would take any of the more difficult poses, her response was a resounding “No!”  Thus, little lady is not pictured in any baskets.
I told her like I told her mommy.  I’m here all day until I get photos…and photograph I did!  I do have to say, the extra soothing meant extra snuggles and this lady is seriously sweet.  I adore that she is a baby girl version of her big brother and look forward to watching these two grow and play together!

If you are looking for a maternity, newborn or baby photographer, I would love to work with you.  It is best to contact me while you are pregnant for your newborn photos.  Facebook is also a great way to keep up with all things happening at Jamie Romaezi Photography.

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