First birthday milestone photos are my most requested session right behind newborn photos.  I just love documenting and celebrating this special milestone with families!  It is a wonderful way to remember your little one’s budding personality as they turn from a baby to toddler.  Milestone sessions are available as an indoor session in my Sterling, VA residential studio, or as an outdoor session.  The choice is yours entirely!  We work together to style your session and combine your vision with the props I have on hand.

Aria’s mama said she loved florals and I was so excited to hear that!  I absolutely love floral everything, too. My overall design style leans simple so the goal remains on your little one. That was my exact goal here.  Her session started with a simple floral garland sitting on what is becoming a client favorite–my tiny neutral prop bed.

We changed outfits and I handed this sweet girl a simple neutral cream colored balloon.  This photo remains one of my very favorite 1 year old photos to date. (PS, I’m writing this blog an entire year late.)  There is something about her focused expression combined with the simplicity of the styling that I just love.  Her focus to stand on her own, clinging for the balloon, perhaps?

I tried to pull out my O-N-E letters to put them in the background but little miss lady was a tad too busy for that.  Instead I handed the letters to her. Without prompting, she put her face right in the letter “O.”  Such a little ham.  We all cracked up!

Then, we moved along to the cake smash with light pink floral hoops.  She liked the cake!  She also liked standing while she ate!

Check out her photos!

To book first birthday photos for your little one, request a session here!

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