Newborn Planning

Newborn Session Guide

When to book your session: The general recommendation for photographing newborns is to take photos when baby is between 6 and 14 days old. At this age, your baby is growing and changing quickly.  Babies are still sleepy, womb-like, and able to be posed.

It is never too early to book your newborn session.  Due to the flexibility needed on my part and due dates only being an estimate, I can only book a few newborn sessions per month. Sessions are based on your estimated due date and we shift your session if needed based on baby’s actual arrival.

Once your session has been booked, we will schedule a pre-session consultation via phone. I will talk with you and plan out your vision for photos.  I have a studio full of backdrops and props you will have access to during your session.  It is possible to accommodate special prop requests but please be mindful that it may take time to order and receive any props I do not have on hand.  If you have any clothing, hats, or headbands that you would like included in your session, please let me know ahead of time, bring them to your session, and I will plan the setting accordingly. I am always happy to share my knowledge regarding whether the prop you would like to use is safe for your baby.

Pre-Session Prep

  • Pack your car the night before. It doesn’t matter if this is your first baby or your fifth, getting out of the house with a new infant takes time. Load the car with your diaper bag and any extras you have decided to bring to your session to simplify your morning. Pack list:
  • Diapers – Pacifier (baby may not use one yet, it is only used for a short time if you feel it is necessary)
  • If bottle feeding, bring extra bottles. Warm water is provided for warming if needed.
  • Extra parent outfit—just in case! Also dress in layers, the studio is WARM for baby.
  • Entertainment: Book, magazine, iPad, toys for older siblings

The morning of your session, wake up and give baby GOOD awake time. The goal for your session is to have a sleepy baby. As you and your partner get ready for photos, alternate “entertaining” your newborn. This can include giving baby a bath the morning of their session if you like. Baths both wear baby out, and help show off their soft and fluffy newborn hair. Before you leave your home, give baby a good, full feed. Remember, you want to keep baby awake before photos. Feed baby while she is naked, talk to her, and try not to let baby settle in to sleep. Burp baby well then dress her in loose clothing that is easy to remove upon arrival at the studio. Your baby will fall asleep on the car ride over and that is okay.

When you arrive, I have a sitting area separate from the studio where you may get comfortable. I will show you the studio and the props that have been pulled based on our planning conversations. From there, we will start with photos! Whether we start with baby-only photos, or family photos first will depend up on the type of session booked as well as how sleepy baby is. If needed, I will ask you to give baby a quick feed before we start photos.

Although your baby will be asleep for most photos, it is still tough work and more stimulation than they are used to. I do request for only those who are being photographed to be present at your session.  Mom, dad, and siblings are all welcome for photos. Newborn sessions typically begin at 10:00 am. Please arrive 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled session time as I am unable to guarantee my availability to make up for lost time.

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