Tips for a Successful Photo Session

Kids will be kids!  I typically have a very laid back, go with the flow personality and do not expect children to “perform” for me.  Most children are not ready to be photographed as soon as they arrive for photos and need a minute to warm up. It is suggested that you arrive 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled session time to allow for you and your child to get settled in.

Please don’t worry about your child’s behavior during your session.  We are here to let them play and it is their day to lead the way a little. Please do your best to make sure your child is well fed and rested before photos. Sometimes this means arriving 20 minutes early for a snack and clean up time in your vehicle, especially if your little one is a car napper.  Though, your photographer will not be available until your scheduled time.  We rarely take photos for a full hour.  Your session has time built in for a break or two.  I primarily work with children and am known to be quite patient.  I am happy to accommodate you and your child and help make them happy, just let me know if there are needs to be met.  

I know we all desperately want smiley photos of your family and children and are all willing to work hard to earn them.  Please remember that if you are standing off to the side calling for your child to smile at you, I will not be able to get them to smile at me for the camera.  This can also be overstimulating for your child if mom, dad, and the photographer are all trying to get their attention.  I do ask that mom and dad first give me the opportunity to interact with their child before making smile attempts.  If help is needed to help earn a smile from your child, I will ask that you stand directly over my shoulder so that the child is looking near the camera.  

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