What to Wear

What to wear for your family photos depends entirely upon your style.  Individual style speaks volumes about a person and everyone in the photo should reflect their own unique style.

Think coordinating, not matching when you decide what to wear for family photos.  Pick a color scheme and select clothing that will stand nicely on its own, but also tie into a cohesive family look.  If your children are old enough, allow them to dress in their own personal style based on the colors chosen.  Think about accessories too. Dress in layers or perhaps bring a scarf along to add an extra color pop.  Layers are especially important during early spring or late fall when weather is unpredictable.  Come prepared that it will be colder than you might expect so that your whole family can be comfortable outside in any weather.

Comfort is also important.  If you don’t like what you are wearing because it is too tight, you are too hot or cold or even if your shoes are uncomfortable, that often conveys in your photos.  I truly believe that you should feel your best in addition to looking your best. Shoes are important. Several of my sessions are held outdoors and involve some walking. I suggest skipping the 4 inch stilettos and opting instead for the cute, comfy sandals, or if fall a cute bootie or boot. It’s tough walking in those scenic fields in the high heels. Your children should be comfortable too. I recommend dressing up from head to toe for photos but if they don’t have those super cute shoes that you wanted for photos in their size, find an alternative. It’s more important that the kids are happy and blister-free!

Clients often ask about what color to wear. My stylistic default typically falls within the neutral to earthy color family.  That may differ entirely for you.  Find a color that makes you happy, or ties into a room in your home you want to decorate.  Style your outfits from there.  I do recommend dressing a step up from your normal daily attire.  I absolutely love the fit and flow of a maxi dress in photos.

When selecting your wardrobe, please avoid  fabric that wrinkles easily, has an ultra-tight herringbone pattern, shiny fabrics, bright red or bright magenta colors, and avoid neon yellow or green colors if your photos are in the spring.  These things generally don’t photograph well.

If you are visiting for a maternity session, please leave the belly band at home.  If you are wearing pants that have a built in panel, please be sure to fold them down yoga pant style for the session.

I always advise opting for clothes with a shape to flatter your body, make you feel comfortable, and choose great colors you love.

Loudoun County Family Photographer, Wildflower field

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