A few months ago I met this beautiful pair of strong ladies.  This sweet tiny baby you see here is such a little fighter.  She was born at 23 weeks and had quite the start.  These photos were taken just a few days before she finally got to come home, right around her due date, which is amazing!
We planned my visit during care times when baby girl needed to eat, be changed, dressed and snuggled.  I also got to stick around for a little of her Physical therapy.  Little miss just loved her mama and cuddle time.  It was obvious that the nurses and staff at the hospital had grown fond of this family.
I myself had pre term labor at 23 weeks pregnant with my son, and while we were fortunate that he was born later, we still spent quite a bit of time in the NICU.  Their story is one close to my heart and it was such an honor to document this time in their lives. While it may be a harder start, it is important that every baby have the opportunity to have first photos taken.

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