I adore this couple.  It is probably no secret that Millie is one of my very best friends.  I love that she has found her match in Alex.  It was so special to sit feet away as Alex proposed.  Can I tell you, I’ve never missed a Superbowl halftime show?  It’s the only reason I actually watch the Superbowl.  Well…I missed it this year because that’s when Alex popped the question.  Watching Millie and Alex’s special moment was far more entertaining than it would have been to watch Bruno Mars sing on TV.

It was such a privilege to be the person to take these photos for them.  The plan was for a romantic photo session in a lavender field.  Sometimes Mother Nature is unpredictable. This winter was long and really hard on the lavender plants so there was no lavender.  Instead we had a picnic in the lovely fields of the farm with hay bales.  (That “we” was intentional, Alex–no mouse in my pocket.)  The night before the session I dreamt about a photo session with a beautiful sunset. Would you believe my dream came true?  See for yourself!  Photos are below.

I cannot wait to continue to watch you make memories together.  I’m so excited to watch you get married in February.


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