What if I told you one of the photos below never actually happened?  Would you believe me? Could you tell which one? Graduating to the next level of sibling-hood is a big transition for everyone. Newborn and sibling photos are among the most important photos to have.

When siblings are close in age I have extra tricks up my sleeve to make it happen.  I run down a little mental list of how we can get the most perfect photo.  My list of tricks ranges from everyone sitting and posing perfectly, all the way down to “one of these people wasn’t actually in this picture.”  Or maybe–see the photo where we lost a headband.

Along the way, we get beautiful photos of your family.  We just have to go with the flow of the true leaders in the family–the kids!”

I am very well versed in working with kids, I know it takes great patience, a lot of skill, sometimes singing baby shark or some other silly song they love.  When all of the above fails, it takes patience and photoshop–because something has to make that photo that didn’t happen actually happen.

Enjoy the photos of these sweet three with mama and papa with their sweet newborn, and siblings.  First family photos are so special.

Expecting?  It is recommended that you reserve your newborn session in the second trimester of your pregnacy.  

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