I had the honor of taking newborn images of a precious one-month-old baby girl, her parents, and her 20-month-old sister. It is advised to schedule newborn photos before baby is born and take photos between 6–14 days old. Even with best efforts, life occasionally intervenes, and that timeframe doesn’t pan out for a variety of reasons. What happens if your baby is 16 to 30 days old at the time newborn photos are taken?

One Month Old Newborn Photos

Flexibility is exactly what happens then.  I have worked with a broad range of babies and their families.  When flexibility is needed outside of general guidelines, I can often accommodate that. Telling a client that I am not available is one of my least favorite things to do.  As sole photographer at Jamie Romaezi Photography, sometimes it does come down to my availability.

Are there differences between a 2 week old newborn session and a one month old newborn session?

There are some differences between a 1-2 week old newborn session and a one month old newborn session.  If you haven’t had newborn photos taken, for example if this is your first baby, you likely won’t even notice.  Possibly most obvious, your baby will be a little bit older and a little bit bigger.  A one month old newborn session can have a few benefits for you. It won’t be one of your first few times leaving the house with your baby. You will have a little more recovery time, and feeding your baby will also be a bit more established. A few considerations for a one month old newborn session however are:

  • More Wakeful
    • A slightly older newborn will be more wakeful.  This will mean that at minimum some swaddling is necessary during your session.
    • Posing a baby is an intricate skill with some poses reliant on a sleepy, settled baby for safety. Some poses are not able to be done safely if a baby is awake or more touchy.
  • Babies Grow
    • As they should, older babies grow a bit in the time from 14 days old to one month old. It is possible that baby won’t fit into some of the posing props available.
    • It is also possible that prop outfits on hand will fit a bit more snugly, or not at all. Swaddles are a wonderful alternative.
  • More Stretched Out
    • As your baby grows, they become a bit less “curly” as I like to call it.  A baby that is more stretched out, is a factor that may limit certain poses.
  • Skin
    • If baby acne is going to happen for your baby, this begins at 3 or 4 weeks old.  It is possible that a one month old baby may have very red skin, and baby acne.  I can share some recommended products that help with baby acne, however they do take time to work. Baby acne will impact how long it takes for photos to be edited and returned to you.  Editing out baby acne is entirely possible (don’t fret!). It takes even a skilled photo editor a little extra time and attention to detail.  Fun fact, the newborn below actually had significant baby acne.

A session for a baby older than 2 weeks can certainly be done by a skilled photographer.  Newborn photographers count gestational age for a preterm baby much it is referred to in the NICU. In the case of a preemie, a one month old would have a gestational age of about 46 weeks. Potential for illness, recovery setbacks, adoption timelines, or general life are a reasons why a newborn session might happen after 2 weeks. My availability is also a large factor in fitting in a last minute session. It is still best practice to reserve your newborn session before baby is born when that is a possibility.  Anywhere in the second trimester is ideal–most especially if you are also planning maternity photos. However, understanding all of the above, don’t let baby’s age hold you back from reaching out for a photo session!

Other Alternatives

I recommend a 3-month milestone session if baby will be well over one month for their newborn session. Though less know compared to newborn photos, the tummy time phase is really fun!  Babies are a little stronger, these sessions are shorter than a newborn session, and baby is a little more interactive.

Baby K & Family

It was wonderful to see and help celebrate the love that this family has for their newest addition. The two girls have a 20-month difference in age and we weren’t sure how cooperative big sister would be. In addition to newborns, I also work with toddlers a lot and the outcome can vary greatly. This big sis was really into her little sister (or was it the duck sticker I snuck into the prop and on my camera…?)  We were so lucky she gave us a good variety of photos.


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