I have a confession.  Lately I have been quite embarrassed to share my website with anyone.  When potential clients have asked for a link to my site, I have quite honestly cringed internally.  It isn’t what you think.  I’m proud of my work, I love what I do, I want to share it! My embarrassment comes from the fact that I am so far behind on my blogging.  Maintaing an updated website is probably the #1 rule for running a successful business.
I am a work at home mom and business owner.  Now I have TWO babies and a husband who travels a lot.  I have been learning to balance business, babies, my husband AND my own self.  It’s a delicate balance for sure.  Every day I get closer to making it all work. This year my plan is to SIMPLIFY.  That’s my word.  Simple.  I have been working hard behind the scenes to achieve that.  I will share more on a few of my changes with you very soon.
I’m now to the point where I’m more than a little behind on my blog.  I have tried to get back on track but it’s so daunting.  So to SIMPLIFY, here they are!  All of the photos I have completely missed sharing with you. I am looking forward to a busy spring and this is the best way to start fresh!
[Nair Family]  It was great to meet you for your fall family photos.  Their girls made my job easy.  Especially the little one, she was quite the ham!

[Smith Family] It made me so happy to photograph this babywearing mama and her littles.  Happy birthday to little Miss Kaylee!  Big brother was so into photos and totally rocked.

[Krapovicky Family] It has been so fun to watch their little guy grow in front of my lens. I have been photographing him since he was a newborn.
Family Snuggles Jamie Romaezi Photography
[Brust Family] Addie turned two and this couldn’t have possibly been a more simple, fun session.

[Bautista Family] I have known these girls since they were born.  It was such an honor to take their photos.  I can’t believe how quickly the years have gone by.

[Tennier Photos]  Gabby girl.  She is so special to me.  This girl has more charisma than any kid I have ever met.  We took so many photos during this session.  They truly made my job easy!

[Stevens Family] These 4 are so stinking cute!  The kids personalities are so similar to my son’s.  Observant and quiet.  Dad knew just how to bring them out of their shell.
stevens mini sneak peek jamie romaezi photography
[Atangan Family] Oh Kelli, I’m so glad I was the chatty weirdo in the soap aisle of the grocery store all those years ago! (…or was it you?  No, don’t answer that.  It was probably ME.) I’m so lucky to have photographed this family as 4, now 5.   It was a true honor to photograph the birth of the tiniest family member.  I cannot believe he is TWO!
[Lee Family] It was great to photograph you all and meet your newest family member.  Thanks for testing out my new sleigh!  (Which, by the way will be available for Christmas minis next year.)

[Marton Family] Some of my favorite people, right here.  It was so windy during their session.  Over the years I’ve learned that it’s easier to work in the cold than it is the wind. Everyone worked hard for these photos and I love them so much!

[Condie Family]  The light was simply amazing at this session and these boys were too!  This spot is a new favorite of mine.  The sun sets in just the right way and that fence is the most perfect background detail.

[Diaz Family] I met these 3 at the La Leche League fundraiser I did earlier in the summer.  I was so excited when they reached out to me for fall family photos.  Ms. Stella had just learned to walk and was so much fun to work with.  She came styled up so proper–and her boots had me wanting a pair of my own!

[Melanie & Logan] This session was so much fun.  We explored so much together and quite literally hiked.  Tree climbing happened and we totally found a brand new amazing photo spot together.  I feel like I need to include something about what a serious kid Logan is.  No, not really.  He’s a true comedian.

If you have read this far, thank you.  I promise to never ever get that far behind ever again.  Lesson learned. I have been enjoying studio work, and even some snow photos but I am looking forward to spring and cannot wait to work outside in WARM weather again!

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