I have had had the pleasure of photographing this sweet family since their oldest was born.  This year was the first year we have had to contend with unfavorable weather.
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Fun fact, when I was in middle school, I thought I wanted to be a meteorologist.  Who knew I would grow up to be a photographer, aka a part time meteorologist.  The weather predictions for their session waffled between rain and sun shine the entire week.  My typical policy is to check in 2-3 days before photos if weather is looking particularly unfavorable.  Usually no decisions are made until the night before, or the morning of a session because weather predictions can change so much.  The night before photos, mom and I chatted on the phone.  Together we weighed the pros and cons of rescheduling to another week. Big con, these leaves don’t stay up on those trees forever!  The evening appeared to be rainy and the morning sunny.  In the end, we waited until the next morning and decided to move their session time up 30 minutes since it wasn’t predicted to rain until 6.
It turns out, that was a lie.  Ok, really it was a bad weather prediction, but it started raining 20 minutes into their session time.  We rolled quickly through some really great poses for big brother, the whole family, and then baby brother, mom and dad then the sprinkles started.

These guys know me and my work pretty well by now, they know they can trust me.  I was prepared with a rain coat and umbrella as well as other gear needed for light rain.  So at their decision, we trucked on!  I have a really amazing app, Dark Sky, that shows you how hard it is supposed to rain, and when it will stop within the next hour.  We decided to wait the rain out since the app predicted a short break in 10 minutes.  The rain did as the app predicted so we dashed back out to finish up!  When started sprinkling again, we learned it was very dry under a large pine (no lightning so it was safe).  The color of the leaves in the background popped so beautifully from the glow of the rain on them and their photos have a beautiful water color effect!


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