Spring Cherry Blossoms in Loudoun County

What if you could have spring cherry blossom pictures without the commute from the suburbs, or the crowd?  You can! Right here in Loudoun County, too! How, you ask? I have everything you need to reserve your cherry blossom photo session, right here on this page especially for you!

Cherry blossom season each year is such an exciting time in the DC Metro Area! Tourists flock to Washington DC to see the spectacular blooms surrounding the Tidal Basin. Additionally, some folks wake before the sun just to find parking, low crowds and to see these unique blooms. However, none of that is required here.

Kanzan cherry blossoms peak later than their better known cousins, the Yoshino Cherry trees at the tidal basin. The Kanzan cherry tree season is equally as short. Additionally,  Kanzan cherry blooms have more consistent blossoms, with less risk of frost since they bloom later in the season.  Because of all of this later blooms mean potentially warmer weather for you! There is only one chance a year for photos with pretty pink flowers. I would be thrilled to be the photographer to make cherry blossom pictures happen for you.


Spring Mini Sessions are $375 and include:
20 minute mini session for your immediate family
5, final digital images of your choice, with print release
Virtual reveal to select final images

Let’s Welcome Spring Together!

With your reservation, your family has a dedicated 20 minute session to twirl and snuggle beneath the cherry blossoms. Spring mini sessions are a wonderful way to update your annual, or semi-annual family photos, maternity photos, or for a quick birthday photo update. Additionally, extra perks to the experience for parents and caregivers is there is no drive into the city, circling the mall for parking, or wading through crowds of people.

Sessions are limited and reserved on a first come, first served basis.  To complete your reservation, contract and full session payment are due at time of booking.  Session is held in Sterling, VA. Please review our illness policy for more details.


Spring Session FAQ
What if it rains?

Spring can be a rainy, blustry time of year.  However, it can also be pure perfection, and we never really know what we will get until we are there.  Because of this, I hold a rain date for every single outdoor mini session event that I plan.  The mini session date for these mini sessions is conveniently listed for you above so that we can plan together.

Can you guarantee blooms?

Alas, blooms are not something I can 100% guarantee–no one can.  This is especially due to the fast that weather in our area in early spring varies quite significantly from year to year.  However, leading up to bloom time I do everything in my power to ensure the very best session I can. First, I personally visit the trees to see how the blooms are progressing and that I have predicted our session to fall on the right date.  Additionally, I check the weather to make sure there won’t be significant rainfall leading up to photos, or the day of photos.  Finally, if inclement weather is predicted, I also make sure our rain date will work out well for us to have those coveted pink blooms in your photos as well.

What if my child is a little busy bee?

You have come to the right place!!  I have been working with children as a photographer for the last 10 years and have several tricks up my sleeve. I bring quite a lot of patience to each and every session, and encourage parents to simply let their child lead, I’ll follow and get great photos along the way.

Can I bring my pet?

I love fur babies.  If you plan to bring your pet for photos, I highly recommend reserving a full session so that we can take our time together,  and first let your pet warm up to me, and also let them reach a calm point so that they can be their most cooperative 4-legged selves.  However, if that just isn’t in the cards for you, let’s talk so that I can learn a bit more about your dog and make sure a mini session is the right session for you to receive exactly the images you have in mind.

How do I book my session?

I would absolutely love to see you for photos this spring.  All reservations are managed through my online booking system at the link provided on this page.  This system operates on a first come, first served basis and requires both the session agreement and payment to be made to complete your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email immediately after your session is reserved.  If you have technology concerns, or if you are concerned your reservation did not go through, please feel free to email me with questions at the contact link.  However, I do advise checking your spam/junk email folder for the confirmation email first if you do not see it.


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