It Snowed in March, look at What we did.

2018 marks the coldest start to spring I can remember.  After barely snowy, but still wet winter, it snowed on the second day of spring.  I’m not usually one to rush out into the snow–but if I can take photos, that changes my perspective about the cold stuff.

With the snow prediction looming the day before, there was time to arrange a quick maternity photo session for our snow day.  It was cold, of course–but worth it!

Max, An Adoption Story |Northern VA Newborn Photographer

Meet Maximino!  He was the sweetest little guy and came to visit me when he was 18 days old.  I met Max’s parents a few years ago through mutual friends and through those friends, I learned that they had begun the wonderful and wait filled process of adoption.

I was so thrilled when Max’s parents reached out to me for photos.  His mom sent me a message when Max was 13 days old.  She shared, that after years of trying to become parents, they finally adopted their little boy.  We, of course, found time to get them in as soon as possible!

How perfect is this little guy?  He is so huggable and I didn’t want to let him leave the studio!

If you have adopted a baby, or are in the process of adoption, I would love to photograph your newest family member for you!  Virginia adoptions are not finalized until baby is 10 days old.  Please don’t worry about timelines and email me!  I will do whatever I can to make sure your sweet little one has newborn photos.

Baby B’s Newborn Photos | Loudoun County Newborn Photographer

This little guy and his sister are 20 months apart and I absolutely love their newborn family photos.  Last year I began offering baby-only mini sessions for the client who wants photos of just their baby.  I always encourage my clients to consider newborn family photos.  This is the only time of life that your teeny tiny baby will fit in your hands.

Collage of photos: Parents with two babies, 20 months apart. Mother with her children, father with his children.
Collage of photos. Mother holding newborn son. Father with baby in his hands.When asked to kiss her brother's foot, sister instead leaned in and felt his foot with her forhead.FV5A0115-Sneak

Having 2 siblings close in age never changes my thoughts on the importance of newborn family photos.  Having 2 under 2 certainly seems like a lot to juggle, especially in the first 14 days.  However, there is nothing sweeter than sibling love.  This may just be the beginning, but that is all the reason to document the beginning of their time together, too.

I have photographed siblings as close in age as 13 months apart and these two are not my first pair with a 20 month age gap!  I’m a professional. Not only am I a spare set of hands during your session (Did you know, I change all of baby’s diapers while they’re here?), but I have a strategy for making this easier for you that I share before your session too.  Additionally, all photos are taken with age appropriate poses and props with the safety of both babies in mind.

Collage of 3 images. Baby on bed with sister looking at him. Baby on bed with sister smiling, baby swaddled on bed.

I was so thrilled when this family reached out to me for newborn photos.  As it turns out, they live up the hill from me and we had never met before!  It was so great to photograph this sweet little guy and his family.

Collage of newborn taco pose, and two swaddled poses on gray backdrop.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in the Northern Virginia area, I would love to work with you.  Posed newborn photos are taken at my in-home studio in Sterling, VA when your baby is between 6-14 days old.  It is important to book your newborn session no later than the beginning of your third trimester.   Please contact me for specific availability and a free consultation..

Gonzales Family, Party of 5 | Loudoun County Photographer

It was so nice to meet and photograph this family of 5!  The weather was gorgeous, fall was just beginning and the sun was beautifully perfect for their session.



Brust Family Photos | Alexandria VA Photographer

There is nothing better than when my tiny clients get out of the car and tell me “Miss Jamie is my best friend!”  Big sis and I go way back to her newborn days.  If you’ve followed me for a bit, you have no doubt seen them before.

As a matter of fact, I last photographed them 6 months ago when baby brother joined the crew!

It was so great to see these four again.


Abby’s First Birthday Photos | Sterling, VA Baby Photographer

I met Abigail and her parents when she was 11 days old.  Now she is ONE!  Happy birthday sweet girl.  Abby has been such a joy to get to know this year.  I have photographed her and her family four times this year and she’s such a smiley girl every single time.

For her session, her parents wanted to plan something with balloons, and a then and now image.  Mom shared that she had fun on etsy and got her a cute little “wild one” onsie that she wanted to include in her session.  Her parents also wanted to turn this session into a family photo session with patriotic colors.

I have to tell you a story about this balloon.  I enlisted my husband to run to the store for me to have it filled.  When I purchased it online, I knew it said 36 inches but completely failed to inform my husband of this fact and just handed over the balloon with no label.  The poor guy came home and said….”I had to tell them to stop filling it up so it would fit through the car door!  Did you know you gave me a THREE FOOT balloon?!”  Surprise, honey!  This was so much fun to incorporate into Abby’s session.

When mom asked for then and now photos, I got so excited.  Abby was one of the first babies to be photographed in this cute tiny sofa and I couldn’t think of a better way to use it for her 1 year portraits.  I have Abby’s newborn image sitting here in the studio so it was quite simple to just grab the frame the day of her session. (Pro tip for baby’s safety, remove the glass before taking this type of photo with a baby.)

Take a look at Abby’s photos!

First Birthday Family Photo session, then and now, oversized balloon.

First Birthday Family Photo session, then and now, oversized balloon.