D Family Photos 2017 | Washington, DC Family Photographer

I love watching families grow in front of my lens.  Every time a new client inquiries about booking a photo session, my response includes a link to my current work for them to view.  With so many talented family photographers in our area, it is important to me that my style fits your style.  It is my goal to not simply photograph families once, but to establish a trusted relationship with your family and children and to make family photos easy for you every year.

I have had the pleasure of photographing the D family every year since their oldest was a year old. Enjoy this year’s family photo updates!

Jamie Romaezi -FV5A7970-Edit

Jamie Romaezi -FV5A8037-Edit

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Mediouni Family Photos | Chevy Chase Family Photographer

One of my larger challenges in life as a mom has been getting IN photos with my children.  Taking photos is my job.  Literally my job.  So it takes effort to remember a selfie, asking my husband to take a photo of me with him and the kids when we are out together, or sometimes, family photos.  When I take family photos, they are literally the LAST to be edited, after client photos.

Natalie, the mama here is a photo mama too.  I’m so honored to take these photos of her family.  I love her work and for her to also appreciate mine makes my heart sing.  We had a great time during their session.  Cute little Nadiem was full of the BIGGEST smiles, and sometimes the baby “what is that thing?” stare into the camera.  This was also the first time I met their little guy since photographing him in utero a year ago.  My how fast time goes.

Natalie also comes with a pretty amazing reflector holder hubby.  It’s not every day you find TWO folks with an eye for light, so Walid, thanks for the assist!

I hope you enjoy these photos!

[Natalie & Walid] Maternity | Northern VA Photographer

Fun story.  I met Natalie at the wedding of two of my very good friends.  They were married over the 4th of July holiday weekend a couple years ago.  Natalie was their photographer so naturally I introduced myself.  Fast forward exactly a year later (this past July) and Natalie and I were doing the exact same thing.  She was photographing the wedding of one of my very best friends, I was a guest.  I love Natalie’s work so if you have ever asked me for a wedding photographer referral, Natalie would have been on that list.

I was super excited to trade photo sessions with Natalie.  She photographed my family this past summer and I photographed her and her husband Walid for their maternity photos.  They picked the location and I LOVED the color.  It was so fun to work all over Georgetown, especially with the graffiti.  Natalie’s work always has bright, bold colors so this was totally her.  She and Walid shared that this was one of the places they visited on their first date so it’s only fitting that they have photos here as they prepare to welcome their first baby.

[Riley] 6 Months | Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

I first met Riley as a newborn this year and loved seeing him again at 6 months old.  I visited his home for family photos and photographed his entire family–including his Chihuahua brother, Jake.  This was a fun morning session.  At the end of the session I found a spot with the best fall light and got so giddy!  I hope you enjoy the sneak peeks from this session!

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[Kyran] 2 Months New | Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

It was truly amazing to meet this special guy and his sweet family.  Kyran has something in common with my very own little guy–he is a NICU graduate.  It’s so unfair to watch tiny babies struggle at their start but such a joy to celebrate what they have overcome.  Little man, like most 2 month olds, was happy, awake and looking for the camera!  He fell asleep but it was very typical 2 month old cat nap.  I love the way these photos turned out!  Take a look!

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[Mildred and Alex] Engagement Photos | Northern Virginia Photographer

I adore this couple.  It is probably no secret that Millie is one of my very best friends.  I love that she has found her match in Alex.  It was so special to sit feet away as Alex proposed.  Can I tell you, I’ve never missed a Superbowl halftime show?  It’s the only reason I actually watch the Superbowl.  Well…I missed it this year because that’s when Alex popped the question.  Watching Millie and Alex’s special moment was far more entertaining than it would have been to watch Bruno Mars sing on TV.

It was such a privilege to be the person to take these photos for them.  The plan was for a romantic photo session in a lavender field.  Sometimes Mother Nature is unpredictable. This winter was long and really hard on the lavender plants so there was no lavender.  Instead we had a picnic in the lovely fields of the farm with hay bales.  (That “we” was intentional, Alex–no mouse in my pocket.)  The night before the session I dreamt about a photo session with a beautiful sunset. Would you believe my dream came true?  See for yourself!  Photos are below.

I cannot wait to continue to watch you make memories together.  I’m so excited to watch you get married in February.


[Peter] 2 Years Old | Northern Virginia Child Photographer

Sweet Peter is 2 years old!  His family was among one of the first I photographed when I set out on this venture last year.  I loved seeing them all again and seeing what an adventurous little guy he has become!  I met with Peter and his family in Washington, DC and totally lucked out that it was the peak Cherry Blossom weekend!  If you live in this area, you know what a gamble it is to catch the cherry trees at just the right time.  Especially with a winter as crazy as the one we had (lasting well into spring this year)!

Peter was far more into cars, trucks and city transportation than looking at my camera.  That is totally ok!  The beauty of photographing children outdoors is capturing them as they love to be.  We did manage some smiles for family photos by playing “frisbee” with my white balance card.

I hope you enjoy Peter’s photos!  Take a look at this little dude last year too!  https://jamieromaezi.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/dziekan-family-mini-session-photos/

If you are looking for family photos, I would love to work with you.  Please contact me with any questions.  Facebook is also a great way to keep up with all things happening at Jamie Romaezi Photography.