James Family, Mommy and Me Photos | Sterling VA Family Photographer

This Mommy and Me duo were scheduled to be an outdoor session, but due to unfortunate spring rain and rescheduling to a car accident (they are fine!!!) – we moved the session into my studio.

Despite it all, how beautiful are these two?

The relationship between these two just makes my heart melt! I love how her daughter stares at Mom with such intensity and LOVE. And that kiss…lick?  Baby smooches are the best. This photo session couldn’t have gone any better.

Mommy and Me in Family Studio; Little girl with headband staring at mom

It has been so special to photograph mama’s maternity photos, fresh 48 photos, and now mommy and me photos for Mia’s first birthday.

Jamie Romaezi Photography-FV5A2241-Edit

If you are looking for a family photographer in the Northern Virginia area, I would love to work with you.  Family photos should be reserved 2 months in advance, further out if during peak times of spring or fall.] Please contact me for specific availability and a free consultation.

Mommy and Me Duo | Sterling VA Photographer

Talk about a photogenic pair! Mommy and her little man have such an amazing bond. Taking their Mommy and Me photos in front of the Cherry Blossom trees on a beautiful spring day was such a joy.



Connor is such a smiley happy baby, it was so easy to take his photos. He definitely has his mommy’s smile.



Jamie Romaezi Photography-FV5A1976-Edit



If you are looking for a family photographer in the Northern Virginia area, I would love to work with you. Family photos should be reserved 2 months in advance, further out if during peak times of spring or fall.] Please contact me for specific availability and a free consultation.

Donohue Family Cherry Blossom Photos |Sterling, VA Family Photographer

Cherry blossoms are always a beautiful backdrop for photos and this spring did not disappoint. The Washington, D.C. area is known for the Cherry Blossoms and I’m lucky enough to have so many Cherry Blossom trees locally in Sterling, VA. Late April and early May is such a great time of the year in our area, with great weather and blossoming trees.

The Donohue family, with two sisters had such a great time playing together on the beautiful spring day. In their pink and purple dresses, the sisters played “Ring Around the Rosie” and Charlotte, the 2 year old, gave me a run for my money, so sweet and full of energy!

Black and white photos of little girl sitting in the in the grass with cherry blossoms in the background

If you are looking for a family photographer in the Northern Virginia area, I would love to work with you.  Family photos should be reserved 2 months in advance, further out if during peak times of spring or fall.] Please contact me for specific availability and a free consultation.

Reed Fall Family Photos | Northern Virginia Photographer

These photos were so much fun for the whole family.  First family baby, their dog, included!  I have a new favorite spot that this family explored with me.  This family was a dream to work with.  The amazing sunlight through the trees and wildflowers during their last days in bloom only sweetened the pot!

When mom and dad reached out to me, they wanted to document their time as a new family of 3 so we talked about and booked outdoor fall photos.  This little lady will be coming back to see me for her first birthday in December too and I can’t wait for their studio session!

We also took a couple of photos of just baby to document her milestones.  She’s a solid sitter and just learning to stand assisted.  Look how cute she is with those bright blue eyes of hers!



Hug A Preemie, March For Babies Fundraiser, 2017 | Sterling, VA Family Photographer


Ok, so it’s time to be candid.  I strive to keep my business and personal life very separate.  That’s hard to do when a business is *literally* your name and you run it from home, out of you house, and often working hours coincide with raising your children.  Every work at home, small business owner parent does it differently.  For me personally, there are places where I allow my personal life to intersect with business.  Sometimes for me that means that personal shares take longer to transfer from my head to where they belong–in this case, a blog post!   One place is when I share photos that my children actually allow me to take of them, a rare treat.  Another space in which I share with you includes personal struggles I have worked hard to turn into something positive.  You may remember when I shared that I have Alopecia Areata. Today I want to tell you a little more about my family’s preemie journey with my son, the community we have found among other parents of premature babies, and the healing we have found by giving back to the March of Dimes.

Our son Kamran was born at 35 weeks gestation.  He was considered a late term preemie and was expected to spend a maximum of 2 weeks in the NICU.  In actuality he was there for just over a month, mostly due to immature lung development.  I went into labor with him at 23 weeks and was on hospitalized bed rest for 3 months.  He had very little amniotic fluid which hindered his growth, and lung development.

Having a premature baby feels a bit isolating.  In the early days of being a preemie parent, it was helpful to have friends in our community who could relate, and act as a sounding board. Having someone there who understands the frustration of hearing how tiny your little one is over and over is helpful.  Societal norms can be tough for any parent to navigate, but daily reminders from others are draining. Every premature baby has their own unique set of struggles that parents work through relating to feeding, growing, breathing, and medical care.Some of the babies in our community need surgery or frequent doctor visits.  It’s exhausting. Our community has babies who were born as angels. Always hard, never fair, and they love their babies fiercely. Their time cut too short.

The March of Dimes is an organization that brings us all together and provides an outlet for us to celebrate and remember our babies as well as give back every year. They aim to combat prematurity, and fund research to help all moms have healthy pregnancies.  This is a cause important to my family and we have been fundraising for 6 years.  We just finished our 7th walk this past May.

Our preemie journey has not been something I would call simple. I didn’t really know going into what was our toughest time in life, that we would come away with such a rich experience. In 6 years, my husband and I have had the opportunity to raise our son, as well as his 2 year old sister. We’ve walked the line of doctors, hospital visits, and specialists galore. Often this means more than one doctor appointment per week. It has always been our normal.  Our community has family, friends, and luckily for me, also clients who provide incredible support. Some walk with us, some donate (some every year for 7 years) when their budget allows. I am thankful that I am able to give back through my photography.

I have also found an amazing colleague and friend in Blaire, of Second Ave Photography. She too is a preemie mom. We had only just met when we started talking about the potential to take our passion for the March of Dimes, love of Photography and use it to give back. We created the Hug a Preemie mini sessions so that we could provide an incredible value to our clients and in turn also fundraise more than we would by using personal efforts. Session fees for our fundraiser minis are paid directly to our individual fundraising pages.  Together we exceeded our $2,000 fundraising goal.  Be sure to check out Blaire’s photos from our mini sessions too! 

To the clients and friends pictured below, thank you for supporting us, our businesses, and our cause. It means so very much.

Do you have a cause that you support?  I would love to hear more about it!


Worrell Family | Northern VA Family Photographer

I was so thrilled to meet this family of four.  These two tiny boys just celebrated their birthdays, making September an amazing time for family photo updates. These boys were so happy and full of smiles.  It was fun to play together as we worked through their session.

Can we talk about their outfits in these photos for a second?  They are perfectly styled.  Mustard paired with gray neutrals are among my favorite color combos, by the way.  Just ask my living room.  As I was picking a blanket to bring to the session, this mustard was just calling to me.  Thank goodness because it was a perfect match.

I just love these photos and hope you do as well.  Enjoy this preview!

Seward Family Photos | Northern Virginia Photographer

Let’s talk about Mother Nature for a minute.  Sometimes she is unpredictable.  For this session, the weather predictions told us that it would rain at 11:00 a.m.  We decided to stick with our session time of 8:30 a.m. and to our surprise it started raining at 9:00!  Not cool, rain clouds.  Not cool.

So we did what we could and met up again to finish out the session.  By that time, flowering trees were in bloom, it was warmer, and the kids were happy to play.

Little dude was THRILLED to take a photo in his construction t-shirt next some construction vehicles at the end of the session.  Icing on the cake.

These family photos were also to celebrate little sister turning one.  She was so cute. She made the best wrinkly nose face and has this little sound she makes when she wants something or someone that just cracked me up!