James Family, Mommy and Me Photos | Sterling VA Family Photographer

This Mommy and Me duo were scheduled to be an outdoor session, but due to unfortunate spring rain and rescheduling to a car accident (they are fine!!!) – we moved the session into my studio.

Despite it all, how beautiful are these two?

The relationship between these two just makes my heart melt! I love how her daughter stares at Mom with such intensity and LOVE. And that kiss…lick?  Baby smooches are the best. This photo session couldn’t have gone any better.

Mommy and Me in Family Studio; Little girl with headband staring at mom

It has been so special to photograph mama’s maternity photos, fresh 48 photos, and now mommy and me photos for Mia’s first birthday.

Jamie Romaezi Photography-FV5A2241-Edit

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Max, An Adoption Story |Northern VA Newborn Photographer

Meet Maximino!  He was the sweetest little guy and came to visit me when he was 18 days old.  I met Max’s parents a few years ago through mutual friends and through those friends, I learned that they had begun the wonderful and wait filled process of adoption.

I was so thrilled when Max’s parents reached out to me for photos.  His mom sent me a message when Max was 13 days old.  She shared, that after years of trying to become parents, they finally adopted their little boy.  We, of course, found time to get them in as soon as possible!

How perfect is this little guy?  He is so huggable and I didn’t want to let him leave the studio!

If you have adopted a baby, or are in the process of adoption, I would love to photograph your newest family member for you!  Virginia adoptions are not finalized until baby is 10 days old.  Please don’t worry about timelines and email me!  I will do whatever I can to make sure your sweet little one has newborn photos.

Abby’s First Birthday Photos | Sterling, VA Baby Photographer

I met Abigail and her parents when she was 11 days old.  Now she is ONE!  Happy birthday sweet girl.  Abby has been such a joy to get to know this year.  I have photographed her and her family four times this year and she’s such a smiley girl every single time.

For her session, her parents wanted to plan something with balloons, and a then and now image.  Mom shared that she had fun on etsy and got her a cute little “wild one” onsie that she wanted to include in her session.  Her parents also wanted to turn this session into a family photo session with patriotic colors.

I have to tell you a story about this balloon.  I enlisted my husband to run to the store for me to have it filled.  When I purchased it online, I knew it said 36 inches but completely failed to inform my husband of this fact and just handed over the balloon with no label.  The poor guy came home and said….”I had to tell them to stop filling it up so it would fit through the car door!  Did you know you gave me a THREE FOOT balloon?!”  Surprise, honey!  This was so much fun to incorporate into Abby’s session.

When mom asked for then and now photos, I got so excited.  Abby was one of the first babies to be photographed in this cute tiny sofa and I couldn’t think of a better way to use it for her 1 year portraits.  I have Abby’s newborn image sitting here in the studio so it was quite simple to just grab the frame the day of her session. (Pro tip for baby’s safety, remove the glass before taking this type of photo with a baby.)

Take a look at Abby’s photos!

First Birthday Family Photo session, then and now, oversized balloon.

First Birthday Family Photo session, then and now, oversized balloon.

D Family Photos 2017 | Washington, DC Family Photographer

I love watching families grow in front of my lens.  Every time a new client inquiries about booking a photo session, my response includes a link to my current work for them to view.  With so many talented family photographers in our area, it is important to me that my style fits your style.  It is my goal to not simply photograph families once, but to establish a trusted relationship with your family and children and to make family photos easy for you every year.

I have had the pleasure of photographing the D family every year since their oldest was a year old. Enjoy this year’s family photo updates!

Jamie Romaezi -FV5A7970-Edit

Jamie Romaezi -FV5A8037-Edit

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The K-H Family | Northern VA Family Photographer

I met this sweet family of three, soon-to-be four when their son was born.  I am so thankful for my families who have entrusted me with photographing them year over year. I remember planning Riley’s newborn photo session with his mom and just how much I loved how she designed his nursery 3 years ago. He was such a sweet snuggly little guy then, and now at 3 is a happy, playful sweet boy.

I recently shared the advice to “let them run.”  This family took that one step further and played.  Everyone was so at ease and full of play during this session.  If mom and dad noticed that their son had some wiggles, they wiggled right along with him.  Over the years I have noticed that when mom and dad are able to feel more relaxed during their photo session, the children do too.

There are several benefits of picking your favorite photographer and sticking with them through the years.  One thing in particular that I noticed while photographing this family is that both you and your children get to know me, my style, and become more comfortable spending an hour with me (or more for newborn sessions).  Some of the kids have run up to me lately yelling “Miss JAMIE!” with memories of the year before and a big hug. I have already earned their trust and they are ready to be off, have fun and take some photos without having to spend a few extra minutes warming up to a new person.

We took a lot of great photos during this session. Here are a few of my personal favorites:



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Seward Family Photos | Northern Virginia Photographer

Let’s talk about Mother Nature for a minute.  Sometimes she is unpredictable.  For this session, the weather predictions told us that it would rain at 11:00 a.m.  We decided to stick with our session time of 8:30 a.m. and to our surprise it started raining at 9:00!  Not cool, rain clouds.  Not cool.

So we did what we could and met up again to finish out the session.  By that time, flowering trees were in bloom, it was warmer, and the kids were happy to play.

Little dude was THRILLED to take a photo in his construction t-shirt next some construction vehicles at the end of the session.  Icing on the cake.

These family photos were also to celebrate little sister turning one.  She was so cute. She made the best wrinkly nose face and has this little sound she makes when she wants something or someone that just cracked me up!


McGinn Family Photos 2015 | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

It was an absolute pleasure to meet this sweet family.  The McGinn Family won a mini-session with me over the winter holidays. This session was the most perfect welcome back.  I worried about rain the morning of their session due to weather predictions but the light showers blew right over us and we had the most perfect weather!

The McGinns recently welcomed a new family member as well and I am thrilled to have documented them all as a family of 4. Before I share these photos with you, may I also point out the most perfectly coordinated outfits?

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