Caputo Family Photos | Sterling VA Family Photographer

Sometimes I meet a family and it is instant sparks. I thought the Caputo family were just AMAZING.  Mom warned me that her toddler doesn’t usually smile for the camera, but it was my lucky day and I got smiles the entire session.

The day was a little tricky due to the weather forecast, which called for rain, but we chanced it and my luck held. We got GREAT weather and beautiful photos.

Look at these two sisters? I love their bond! So sweet!

Did you know that you can order my photos and put it on canvas or print it on high quality photo paper? The Caputo’s ordered a stunning 24×36 canvas along with two other fine are mounted prints.

If you are looking for a family photographer in the Northern Virginia area, I would love to work with you. Family photos should be reserved 2 months in advance, further out if during peak times of spring or fall. Please contact me for specific availability and a free consultation.

Fresh 48 Photos, Virginia Hospital Center

There is nothing better than a fresh baby!  It was a true privilege to photograph this sweet little lady at less than 24 hours old.  Babies this age need their mama so I was thrilled that baby M let me take a few photos of just her before she wanted her mama back to eat, and eat, and eat!

Jamie Romaezi -FV5A0638

“I just can’t believe she is here and she’s mine.” Your baby’s first few days are full of so much adjustment that they go by in a snap.  Fresh 48 sessions can be done for hospital, or home births and are a great way to document the moments when your family, or baby’s siblings meet him or her for the first time.

I was absolutely hooked on Baby M’s curly hair and the cute little headband her mommy picked for her.  She stretched her sweet little legs and feet throughout her session, taking full advantage of the space she now has to do so!

Jamie Romaezi -FV5A0656

If you are looking for a photographer in the Northern Virginia area, I would love to work with you.  Fresh 48 photos are booked at least 3 months in advance, and I travel to you during baby’s first few days of birth. I am currently booking newborn sessions through October.  Please contact me for specific availability.

Logan [2 Weeks New] | Springfield, VA Newborn Photographer

I have a brand new 20 x 30 canvas on my studio walls!  This sweet little face.  His mommy just loved this little bucket and he made us work so hard to put him in it.  I had to try this prop with him twice!  The second time worked as you can see and it was so worth the extra effort that even I needed to print a copy.

Jamie Romaezi -FV5A6250-Edit
Logan’s mom and dad joined him for a few family photos during their session.  Newborn family photos are so special.  Babies will never fit in your hands quite the same way ever again.  They grow so fast.

This big-little man was just about 9 lbs at birth.  He rocked his session, though he didn’t like to be on his tummy much.  He gave me plenty of sleepy time during his session and we got quite a few photos for his parents to pick from.

Jamie Romaezi -FV5A6204-Edit

Jamie Romaezi -FV5A6239-Edit

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in the Northern Virginia area, I would love to work with you.  Posed newborn photos are taken at my in-home studio in Sterling, VA when your baby is between 6-14 days old.  It is important to book your newborn session at the beginning of your third trimester, sooner if you are planning to also have maternity photos taken.  I am currently booking newborn sessions through October.  Please contact me for specific availability.

[Cecilia] 12 Days New | Washington DC Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Meet Cecilia!   I recently traveled to visit her family for lifestyle photos in Washington, DC. Let me tell you about this adorable little lady.  She is quite laid back from what I could tell and from her parents reports.  She has an adorable flamingo nursery complete with gold hearts on her mint green walls.  Her parents have this mom and dad thing down pat.  …and…her dog-brother does handstands and other neat tricks.

Here is a small selection of photos from the time I spent with them.  



Donohue Family Maternity | Northern Virginia Photographer

This session was so much fun and quite literally a breeze.  I am beginning to think that 5-6 year old girls are the most cooperative photo subjects, hands down.  This little miss brought her mom, dad and baby-sister-to-be along for their photo session.  She was so photo ready.  Full of twirling in her twirl dress and even had some of her own poses in mind.  She basically did my job for me.

I think the highlight for everyone was making the trees snow at the end.  Because who doesn’t like falling flower petals. (Unless you have somehow parked your car under one, but let’s keep this post full of whimsy.)

I am so excited for this family to welcome this new little girl.  Two things are for sure, she is very loved, and big sis has practiced her baby kisses.

[Sumaya] 5 Weeks Old | Northern VA Newborn Photographer

I met sweet, smiley Sumaya when she was 5 weeks old for a newborn session in her home.  I typically suggest newborn photos between 6-14 days old.  This little lady was born prematurely, so at 5 weeks, she was close to her gestational age and still very bendy and sleepy.  As a preemie mama myself, I have a soft spot for babies born early.  When I picked her up, I knew exactly what she weighed.  It took me back to the first time I held my own little man.  He was 5 lbs 3 ounces and I will never forget what he felt like in my hands.

Sumaya is just perfect.  I enjoyed meeting her and her parents!

Tennier & Walker Fall Family Photos

At 5 adults and 2 kids, this session had a lot of people!  It was a jam packed hour with lots of fun, giggles, and leaves.  The little lady you see is always full of smiles.  The tiny gent…he is a really shy guy.  My very favorite part of the session is just how much little mister came out of his shell.  If I hadn’t met him before, I would never know how very reserved Ryan can be.

If you follow this blog, you have “met” this family before.  I shared Gabby’s story last year right after she experienced a very serious traumatic brain injury (TBI).  So really and truly, my favorite favorite favorite part of this session was seeing with my own eyes just how healthy Gabby is now.

Enjoy these memories:

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