It Snowed in March, look at What we did.

2018 marks the coldest start to spring I can remember.  After barely snowy, but still wet winter, it snowed on the second day of spring.  I’m not usually one to rush out into the snow–but if I can take photos, that changes my perspective about the cold stuff.

With the snow prediction looming the day before, there was time to arrange a quick maternity photo session for our snow day.  It was cold, of course–but worth it!

[Houston Family] Snow Photos | Northern VA Photographer

Northern Virginia recently got close to 3 feet of snow in a 24 hour period.  That is a lot for our area.  Lucky for me and my family, we had the most perfectly timed vacation planned. We left a day before the snow started and missed it entirely.  I will spare you the details and won’t rub it in too much.

Facebook was showing me all of this epic snow and I had exactly zero envy for my friends back home shoveling.  I did worry I might miss out on the opportunity for snow photos, though!  I love to work in the snow.  It’s the most beautiful reflective surface and the most perfect, blankety backdrop all at the same time.

I connected with this sweet family and thought I would just be taking some family photos in the snow.  I had plans for my dad’s antique sled and a cute blanket scarf. Imagine my surprise when I noticed little Miss Melissa wiggling with dance moves in her photos.  I asked if she would like for me to take any dance photos of her and she happily obliged.  I loved every single bit of it.  So much fun.  Brother built the most epic snow-family of 3.  I took my son out to see it later and he gasped in admiration “Ohhhh woooowwwww!”  My little man loves snow men and was thrilled to see them.

I really enjoyed your session and hope I get to work with you all again!